Mystic Christianity

It is by no means improbable that Jesus Himself originally propounded as allegories the cosmic activities which were later confused with His own life. That the Christos, represents the solar power reverenced by every nation of antiquity cannot be controverted. If Jesus revealed the nature and purpose of this solar power under the name and personality of Christos, thereby giving to this abstract power the attributes of a god-man, He but followed a precedent set by all previous World-Teachers. This godman, thus endowed with all the qualities of Deity, signifies the latent divinity in every man and woman. Union with the immortal Self is therefore “saved”.

This Christos, or divine Man in Man, is man’s real hope of salvation – the living Mediator between abstract Deity and mortal humankind.

The True Bridge, between the Mortals and the Spirits.

-Manly Hall


2 thoughts on “Mystic Christianity

  1. Very interesting perspective on the “Christ” aspect.

    I also notice the image below the post. I see that it is the upper-most section of the “Tree of Life”, IE: the upper “Supernal Triangle” that points upward. – Very nice!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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