Excerpt from the Goetia of Doctor Rudd

The Conjuration of Caspiel as followeth

We Conjure thee 0 thou mighty & potent Prince Caspiei, who is a great & chief
Emperor, ruling in the South, who bears rule by the power of the supreme God EI,
over all Spirits both Superior & Inferior of the Infernal Orders &c: We Command you
by the especial & truest Name of your God, and by that God you worship & obey, &
by the  Seal of your Creation, & by the  most mighty & powerful name of God
Iehovah Tetragrammaton, who cast you out of Heaven, with all other [of]  the
Infernal Spirits & by the most powerful & great Names of God, who created Heaven,
Earth & Hell, & all things contained in them, & by their powers & virtues, & by the
Name Primaumaton who commandeth the  whole Host of Heaven, that  thou  0
Spirit Caspiel, forthwith come forth & appear unto me here before this Circle, do not
delay, do not linger, what needs any more words, Move (we say) move we say, show
your self & appear affably courteous friendly,  in a fair  & comely form  & shape,
without doing any harm, to us or any other Creature in this place, or any other part
or place in the World, & answer truly & faithfully to all our Requests That we may
accomplish our Wills or desires, in knowing or obtaining any matter or thing, which
by Office you know, if belonging to your Orders, or proper for you to accomplish or
perform, through the power of God EI, who created & disposeth of all things,  both
Celestial, Aerial, Terrestrial & Infernal.

-Dr Rudd’s Goetia


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