The value of core strength in toxin elimination

As most of you know, enemas have become the more popular way of flushing out all the waste people tend to accumulate in their colons from years of unhealthy living.

One may ask, now what is unhealthy living?

And the answer would be, a lifestyle contrary to the way nature designed us.

The people who sit all day long, get no exercise or exposure to fresh air and sunlight, along with a steady diet of processed denatured foods, will get sing overtime. It does not happen over night, but it is guaranteed that they shall become sick, due to the amount of toxins they are flooding their body with.

Enemas, detoxing, cleansing, are great ways to help the body cleanse itself out, but let us not leave the fact that as Americans, we are a very inflexible population. This is due to the amount of sitting we engage in for our workculture. Sitting in prolonged periods of time constrict the hip flexors leading to dysfunction of the body, and a restriction of oxygen in the body. Another side effect of such tight hips is an inability to eliminate properly because the muscles around the anus region have become so tight.

So in order to return the body to its original state of function, one must engage in two tasks.

1. Release the hip flexors from their chronic tightness through certain stretches.

2. Develop core strength, or should I say, RESTORE core strength. When the core is healthy and stable, then the internal organs are also strong and nourished. Also, the force is more evenly distributed throughout the entire body and hips. It was said by the Chinese, that the spirit resides in the core. Isn’t that interesting?

As for the the efficacy of core strength in developing vitality, I will let you all know more about that later on. I am currently putting a client through a core training regimen and will note the effects on the relief of constipation, and the enlivening of their health.

Cheers to your health!

Yours in the Light,

Michael aka mick


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