Ensoulment through Words pt 2

Monday, Feb 16th

Today was a warm day. I spent the day working from 9 to 5 at my job, tending to the register and the hungry wants of people eager to buy food, eager to consume.
I found myself falling into a state of inner frenzy in the first couple hours of working, working out all the plans in my head on how I would acquire wealth.
“Should I work here instead?”
“Should I live in a van, drop the job, and work on my business?”
“Should I pay cheap rent by living in a living room, so I can save more money?”
“Should I move back in with my parents, so I can work on the business?”

And some of them acquired a different flavor, as I progressed throughout the day.
Obviously, such questions stem from a deep rooted belief that I am in a state of lack, of not having enough, of not being full, not being content. I say that most of my fears and beliefs are not quite mine, and have roots not just in my parents, but in my ancestry line. We are who we are through our life experiences and the genes acquired through thousands of years of living.

How much of you is truly you?

As the day progressed, I found myself easing into a state of just Being and feeling the environment around me, and of the people that I served.
I smiled, asked them how they were doing, and bid them a farewell, in an exchange of good natured energy.
Soon, an ecstatic energy welled up from within, and I found myself once more, at the base line of my nobility, of my divinity.
I had stepped back into the role as a Saint once more, oh what a delight!

And yet, this foolish saint had much to learn about the twists and turns of the spiritual path.
It would seem that my desire for monkhood was out of my own selfish tendencies. I have yet to examine it all too deeply, but I was so bent on becoming spiritual to the detriment of my health and to the woman that I truly loved.

My quest for God had cost me.

And I realized today, that my desire are those of the Universe, and that they are not sinful at all.

The life a householder began to sound more appealing to me as I progressed throughout the workday, contemplating what it would be like to start a family, to spend the rest of my life with someone I held dear to my life, working a decent 9 to 5 job while working on my business, meditating, and engaging in beautiful activities and adventures.

And sure, there is a time for studying scripture, and going off into the wild to meditate deeply, but there must be a foundation for all of this.
And what is that foundation, but the stability that Being has to offer?
Realizing that wherever one is, he is there, and it will all be okay.
That he is there for a reason, and that the experience he is acquiring will make him all the wiser and more suited to carrying out the Will of the Lord?

And so I sit, cross legged in a living room that is dimly lit by a standing lamp, typing this up on my red laptop.
And I ponder upon the nature of the Mystery, and yearn to truly step into my life’s purpose, to delve into the joy and endless ecstasy of Truth.
Soon the Light is to shine through fully, and the Light shall be Good and Righteous!

Abundance, happiness, peace, creativity, service, it is all at hand.
It is already here.

All of the blessed Fruits of God’s Tree are ready to be plucked at any given time.
But first, one must have Faith, and they must be Willing enough to reach out their hands towards them.

Surrender to Truth, and follow the Quiet Voice that lies inside of you.


Ensoulment through Words

Sunday, Feb 15th
Upon realizing that the gating channel of our bodies filter out so much information, I stood up from my seat, and went out for a walk around the block.
When was the last time I had truly felt all that was around me?
When was the last time my heart was full of innocence and wonder?
As I breathed deeply into my abdomen, I became more and more relaxed.
With each passing breath, I realized that I was Divine, and a holy Son of God.
Walking down the street, I began to feel the sun falling upon my face, the passing of the cars, and the people who sat down on a bench waiting for their bus ride.
I wondered how many people had lost touch with the feeling part of their souls, and were subjected to ignorance and suffering.
A lady passed by me on the street, wearing blue running shoes, and a bright yellow sweatshirt. She smiled at me, and said “hello”, and I greeted her back with a “hi” in a quiet voice.

I turned around to look at her as she walked away. Her complexion was fair, her hair blonde and long tied in a pony tail, and her face exuded vibrancy and joy.
For a brief moment in time, we had come across each other only to part ways.
Who knows who she was. Maybe she was someone I knew in a past life.

I walked across the park, observing the trees all around me, taking in their sentience, waking up to the intelligence of the world around me. Nature is indeed alive and wise. I spread out my arms, and embraced the warmth of the sun, as I chanted the holy names of the Lord. Soon, my mind fell into stillness, and my spirit merged with the heat of the light, until all that was left of me was the warmth of Truth and Silence.


Divine Poetry: The Words of a Holy Muse

I Grieve for I am far from my Home, Lord

Though you are here with me, I still grieve

For my heart dwells in darkness,

and my nous is not clear.

The pain is unfathomable!

Suffering everywhere; this plane is truly illusion

Though there is beauty, there is much ugliness too

Though there is Light, the Dark Night is Heavy

The road to Gnosis is being tread on once more

Lord, when will I see thy countenance again?

You have blessed me beyond all measure,

yet here I am, wailing in despair.

Attachments to the world injure the soul.

Release me from my bondage,

and make me into Your Avatar.

I offer my life up to you,

so that the Christ may enter in me forever,

Thy Light once lit, can not be snuffed out,

for thy Light is Divine.

Thy Commandments I uphold righteously

Soon the Messiah is to return…

Soon, all shall be liberated.

Thy Dark Night is soon upon me.


Simply Being on the Path

There is no need to do anything

except simply Being, not worrying

releasing all desires, attachments, and fear.

This reality is fading away,as I tred further down the Path.

Nothing quite makes sense,

yet i am still here in this Illusion.

We are all One, yet distinct and uniqe.

The sun greets me, and I say hello.

Soon I will die, on my quest to find the Will.

I hope it does not fail me.

May my faith in God be absolute.

May his Mercy be Kind

and may I be protected.

War, money, death, anguish

O’ Padma, how wise you are to speak of all these falsities.

The Holy Theurgy shall be our Salvation.

The Path to Godhood, leading into

sorrow and madness,

Ultimately ending in Truth,

and Supreme Peace.


Origins Documentary Review and the Holistic Healing of Disease

So after watching the documentary Origins, I seem to have come to a better place of thinking and of being, one that involves a better future of all of humanity and one that involves a call to action for all of humanity.
It is being more well known among the masses of this country that there is an epidemic of chronic illness. This is mainly due to our refined diet, sedentary lifestyle, and monetary system, along with environmental toxins that come from the malpractices of the industrial complex. Such an overload of toxins attack our second brain, which is our gut, leading to leaky gut syndrome, in which food particles break through the intestinal walls of our stomach and leak into our bloodstream. The end result is that our immune system is triggered and our body goes into inflammation. This leads to a series of illnesses such a diabetes, alzheimers, cancer, allergies, etc, etc. Our brain function becomes disrupted through inflammation and the frontal cortex of our brain becomes under attack. This is the part of our brain that is responsible for happiness, judgement, foresight, and the restriction of impulses. When this part shrinks, then the mind becomes prone to anger, depression, grief, and a host of other mental illnesses.
In short, the root of all mental and physical illnesses stem from the gut. This statement is backed by the research done by Alejandro Junger, author of GUT– the root cause of all disease. There will be a reference to it at the bottom of this page.

Now it is the eating of certain foods that will lead to this disease, LGS (leaky gut syndrome). These foods are those that have been genetically modified, and tainted through unsustainable and unethical farming practices. Very rarely does one question the origin of their food and water, and blindly consume whatever is presented to them. Now the evidence is out there that such foods and water will lead to a state of disease within the body, shutting down the mind’s ability to perceive and think. In short, the mind which houses your Spirit, that very connection to God, becomes impaired, and bondage sets in.

The argument against this is laughable due to the various studies that have been conducted by scientists lately. However, one does not need to turn to debate in order to convince the people that their diet is killing them. One only needs to step outside of their house and mingle amongst their friends, to realize that there is an epidemic of disease in this country. It seems quite often that one of your relatives has come down with cancer, or that a friend has passed away due to some disease that their doctor could not cure. As obvious as the obvious is, people seem to blind themselves to the truth of the matter, and that fact is that we are physically ill.

All doom and gloom aside, one must now look at the remedy to this solution: NATURE.
Through the medicine of nature and realigning yourself with her principles, is one able to effectively heal themselves of their disease. The body has a very powerful healing mechanism that was imbedded into it at its time of creation, however this fact has long been suppressed and forgotten in history. In order to be a believer, one only has to look to the thousands of people who have had serious illnesses, and healed themselves completely of it through the disciplines of juice fasting, fasting, plant food and medicine, nature questing, music therapy, spiritual healing, and other timeless practices that have been handed down to us from our ancestors.



Late Night Rambles, Arriving at the Truth

So a spark of inspiration became lit inside of me, and compelled me to get out of the depressing unproductive moping despairing stupor that I’d fallen into for perhaps, about an hour in my room, while listening to a youtube compilation of beautiful piano music by jorge mendez, and to start writing what was on my mind. The thing is that, there is much on my mind.
I am realizing that I think an awful lot, and get lost in these thoughts that wonder throughout my head. These thoughts are so elaborate and connect from one dot to the other, and it makes me wonder if I have gone insane. I probably have. Or perhaps I was always insane, and am just starting to realize it.
And what does it mean to be insane? What does it mean to even be normal? Would this not be a discussion of philosophy, and on the nature of the mind, on illness, on health, and countless other subjects that intertwine with each other?

What do I love to do?
I do not know, but if I say that, then does it become true? Certainly not, for if I now say that I am a 12 foot tall man from Nigeria, that would not be the truth for I am not a 12 foot tall man from Nigeria. So then how do I arrive at the truth?

What is truth?

Do you see this perplexing problem that I have now come across, and perhaps has already been solved by the greatest philosophers of the past? Oh, those venerable and ancient sages who unlocked the secrets of the universe and have left their legacy on mankind. And though they have not been able to save all of humanity forever, they have left their mark on history.

What does it mean to be a savior? To be a hero, a boddhisattva, a messiah?
At times, I wonder, such thoughts trouble me deeply.

Humanity is headed in an interseting direction. There are so many forces at play here, both material and spiritual, and this plane is soon headed for disaster. That is the feeling in the air, for one must look at the political arena of this globe, and realize that trouble is brewing. This is nothing new, no, for there has always been trouble all throughout history. But on a global scale? This is something that has yet to happen, and marks an interesting era in history.


Creating and destroying.

What does it take to be great, to leave one’s mark on history?
The greatest men ever…were they not destroyers and creators?
Men, both evil and good…
Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Alexander, Genghis, did they not destroy in order to conquer?
Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, did they not destroy ignorance, and create hope, faith, and love for people?

So a man ought to create and destroy, following in the footsteps of these great men.
The problem is that men seldom create in this american culture of ours, because we are so consumer based. It is all about me, me, me, me, and we take take take and take. We eat this, consume this show, drink this beverage, never questioning why we do the things we do, and never bothering to make things better for our fellow man.

And to make things better for our fellow man is no such easy task, because that requires a keen mind to discern if things are bad and how it can be remedied.
It is a responsibility for those who are lucky enough to have the purpose to bear it.

Where there is suffering and ignorance, then it could be said, that there is a problem that requires bettering and solving; perfecting, the creation of a utopia, just like the republic written by Plato; blessed is his Holy name.

Alas, I am creating. And what comes out of my mind onto these pages for all to see may not be the most beautiful of all arts, but needless to say, I am creating.
Perhaps, I am even educating, informing..but I am certainly now producing, and sharing.

That alone is the greatest reward, for no longer have I become a parasite to humanity. Instead, I am now able to give instead of take.
And even now, what I give is not really of my own, because I am merely the conduit for the force that works behind and through me, and that is the Universe, O Hail his Most Holy Name.

With this sliver of my Self, given to you, I must say, that I feel somewhat accomplished, but better yet, content. Content with the fact that I have created a piece of writing, and destroyed the falsity within my own mind that which was…doubt. The doubt that was so full of lies and untruths, clouding the joy that lay within me.

But to say I am joyful now, would not be the truth. Perhaps I have much more to write, before I am able to come to a place where I am able to be truly content…and at peace.
For those who smile, might not have peace.
And those who have peace, might not smile.
And those who are successful, might not be spiritual.
And those who are spiritual might not be wealthy.
And those who are strong, might be weak.
And those who are weak, might be strong.
And those who are mad, might be sane.
And those who are sane, just might be mad.
And those who are in God, might be damned.
And those who are damned, might be with God.
And those who know, might be ignorant.
And those who are stupid, might be wise.
And those who think often, accomplish much.
And those who do much, do not think.
And those who know God, they Know
But the question is, how do you know you know?