Things you can do today for your Vitality Quest!

Hey, what’s up everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great winter. This is the time of the year to retreat into the comfort of our homes, and ponder upon the many gifts that the Universe has bestown upon us. It is the time to nourish our spirits and reflect upon our lives and the Great Dream that we all live in.

It is so beautiful and I feel quite blessed to be able to share the health knowledge that I have learned throughout the years. Here are some things you can all start doing today for your Vitality Quest. They don’t cost a lot of money and is a great investment.

1. Buy a blender: You can get one cheap on Amazon for 30 something bucks and it will be of good quality. There’s no need to throw 300 bucks into a Vitamix, when you can get a product of equal quality for a much better price.

Chuck all of your fruits and veggies in there and make some smoothies. They are so nutritious and healing. So many people don’t realize that we spend so much time digesting our food. The blender however, digests the food for us by shredding everything. Once the smoothie enters into our system, we absorb it more easily. This way, we get more of the nutrients and life force! This stuff is better than that powdered stuff you buy at health stores, because it still contains the raw life force.

2. Eat raw unfiltered honey: Islanders off the coast of south america ( I think it’s this continent or was it peru? anyway…) consume raw honey as a staple in their diet. The average lifestyle of these people are 90 to 120. Isn’t that amazing? Raw Honey is so full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, that are so essential to our well-being. Make sure you stay away from that fake honey crap, because a lot of it is mixed with corn syrup. It is not real honey if it’s been pasteurized, and ultra-filtered. Be sure to check the source of your honey, and to keep it raw and unfiltered!

3. Stop sitting so much and walk outside every now and then.

4. Drink spring water. It’s been proven lately that alkalized water isn’t as healthy for you, as we thought it was. In fact, it can be more damaging. Distilled and purified drinking water is sterile water that has no minerals left inside of it. You can purchase spring water by the gallon at your local food stores. Better yet, find a natural spring source and fill up your jug there!


That is all I have to say for now. You can start implementing these strategies into your life today! Watch yourself as you become more vibrant and happier.

Cheers to your health!

Yours in the Light



The value of core strength in toxin elimination

As most of you know, enemas have become the more popular way of flushing out all the waste people tend to accumulate in their colons from years of unhealthy living.

One may ask, now what is unhealthy living?

And the answer would be, a lifestyle contrary to the way nature designed us.

The people who sit all day long, get no exercise or exposure to fresh air and sunlight, along with a steady diet of processed denatured foods, will get sing overtime. It does not happen over night, but it is guaranteed that they shall become sick, due to the amount of toxins they are flooding their body with.

Enemas, detoxing, cleansing, are great ways to help the body cleanse itself out, but let us not leave the fact that as Americans, we are a very inflexible population. This is due to the amount of sitting we engage in for our workculture. Sitting in prolonged periods of time constrict the hip flexors leading to dysfunction of the body, and a restriction of oxygen in the body. Another side effect of such tight hips is an inability to eliminate properly because the muscles around the anus region have become so tight.

So in order to return the body to its original state of function, one must engage in two tasks.

1. Release the hip flexors from their chronic tightness through certain stretches.

2. Develop core strength, or should I say, RESTORE core strength. When the core is healthy and stable, then the internal organs are also strong and nourished. Also, the force is more evenly distributed throughout the entire body and hips. It was said by the Chinese, that the spirit resides in the core. Isn’t that interesting?

As for the the efficacy of core strength in developing vitality, I will let you all know more about that later on. I am currently putting a client through a core training regimen and will note the effects on the relief of constipation, and the enlivening of their health.

Cheers to your health!

Yours in the Light,

Michael aka mick


A Quest for Health and a Brighter Future

It is all too well known that the general state of our population’s health is in decline. Cancer is lurking around the corner, and more people are getting sick than ever. Doctors are unable to cure their patients, and it seems that people are succumbing to illness left and right. This is due to the general disinformation regarding health and the nature of disease. We have been misinformed and a lot of knowledge has been unrevealed to us.

However this is all changing with the holistic health movement rearing its head around the horizon. As people become conscious and make an active effort towards educating the public, more health is attained.

The western medical system only specializes in treating the symptom of diseases, and not the root. Therein, lies the problem, and why treating cancer has been so ineffective. Cancer is the symptom of the disease, and now we must ask, what is the root?

The root cause of cancer is a major imbalance in the body’s internal system due to an overload of toxins from the environment.

These toxins bombard us unknowingly from various directions throughout our daily lives without our awareness. They are everywhere from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, and the water we drink.

However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to ensure the prevention of toxic overload.

1. Make sure you eat organic food.

2. Make sure to combine foods properly, otherwise your body will not be able to digest them.

3. Do not overeat.

4. Do not eat several hours before bedtime.

5. Do not drink tap water, and always look to drink spring water.

6. Air filter to reduce the toxins and allergens in your house.

7. Organic clothing and sleepwear to reduce fume exposure.

8. Organic mattresses and pillows to reduce fumes

9 Organic painting, varnish, etc throughout the house

10. Eliminate plastic exposure, as chemicals will leech into our food and water.

11. Reduce electronic pollution.

It seems that this list can go on. Each point can be elaborated upon in great detail. It is almost maddening when one finds out the amount of toxins being introduced into our body, when you live in modern day society.

Always vigilant.

May you be Glorious on your Quest towards Vitality!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Yours in the Light,



Glory to the Lord

Glory to the Most High!

The One who existed before Time

The King of Kings, the True Ineffable

You hear His Name but do Not Know

For He has no form, yet He Does

Most Righteous Creator, our Lord God

Good, and Merciful

Father of Prophets and Heroes of the Light

Bestower of Grace and Truth

Blessed is Thy Name, the One who exists Forever.

Holy is Thy Countenance, Dazzling, and Everywhere

Radiant and Splendid, your Throne is most High

Terrifying and Beautiful,

I am Thy Servant in Thy Light,

Forever and Ever


Why do we Exist?

Sometimes, I wonder why it is we go through life facing trials. There comes a point in a man’s life in which he is overwhelmed by the task at hand; and that task is to serve the Lord with all his Strength and Heart.

With such a maddening journey laid ahead for the mortal man, how is he to push past the fear and tread forth into tomorrow?

He must do so by cutting off all the chains of what he perceived to be reality, for it was all illusion to begin with, and must step forth into a brighter new world. This new world is one that is already here despite the delusion that binds man in fear.

By breaking free of the shackles of reality, our consciousness is liberated and united with the Source of All, which is God, pure consciousness and awareness. The One that existed before Everything, reveals Himself in all of His Glory to shatters the mortal ego into oblivion, forever slaying the falsities of the mind and of separateness.

Only does man become aware of his true purpose for existence, and that is to serve the Lord with all of his Might, for The Father and him and now One forever, and the man has become his Humble Servant Forever.

Only through serving the Lord, does His Light shine through man into this world, letting the God’s Will be felt on Earth.

When man releases himself into Truth, and unites the mind with God, he becomes Him and partakes of his everlasting Divinity. Thus does man truly find everlasting salvation.

Whether he knows it or not, man dwells forever in the Heart of God.



The Development of Chinese Magick pt. 1

Zhang Daoling.jpg

Formal Taoist magickal schools first arose during the Han period; this was an age that saw a general proliferation of many different types of occult ideas and their attendant art forms. The founding father of religious Taoism, as an organized system of magician-priests, was the deified Chang Tao-ling. He was a magician from the province of Szechwan, and around the year 150 C.E., he established a school that came to be known as the Heavenly Master Sect. This was otherwise known as the Way of the Five Bushels of Rice, because of the fact that each prospective student was required to provide the group with just such an amount of food, prior to initiation.

This sect emphasized the use of talismans, spirit evocation and exorcism, the esoteric use of sex, and other magickal and shamanistic practices. It also established the idea that personal spiritual evolution could be greatly enhanced by formal membership in the organized Taoist religion. Forgiveness for earthly acts that transgressed Heavenly law, and greater spiritual movement away from the artificial aspects of life and toward the Tao, would be offered by the gods to those who had been formally initiated into the Taoist religion. Chang’s community was based on the mutual dependency of its members, and for a time, it even governed its own lands on an autonomous basis.

-Richard Herne, Magick, Shamanism, and Taoism


Knowledge from the Other-Realms

Finally, a last by very important component of talismans was the written word. As we remarked in the previous chapter, medieval sorcery’s chief instructors in this art were the Jewish cabalists, although the magical practice of incising runes has been known the world over, from ancient Egypt to China to Siberia. If a word of power or deity name has potency when uttered, it follows that it will also impart this force to an object when it is inscribed upon it.The same applies to magical stories, spells.

With the rise of a definite art of sorcery as distinct from religion, the notion also persisted that if the talisman spell were written in a foreign language or even in a mysterious cipher, it would become that much more powerful. Following the lead of medieval cabalists, who drew their wonder-working angel names and words of power from the Hebrew texts of Holy Scripture, the medieval and Renaissance sorcerer also adopted Hebrew as the magical language. It was the tongue the first men spoke, according to Scripture. The angels also talked it before the Fall, and so of course, did God Himself.

-The Coffee Table Book of Witchcraft and Demonology