Divine Poetry: The Words of a Holy Muse

I Grieve for I am far from my Home, Lord

Though you are here with me, I still grieve

For my heart dwells in darkness,

and my nous is not clear.

The pain is unfathomable!

Suffering everywhere; this plane is truly illusion

Though there is beauty, there is much ugliness too

Though there is Light, the Dark Night is Heavy

The road to Gnosis is being tread on once more

Lord, when will I see thy countenance again?

You have blessed me beyond all measure,

yet here I am, wailing in despair.

Attachments to the world injure the soul.

Release me from my bondage,

and make me into Your Avatar.

I offer my life up to you,

so that the Christ may enter in me forever,

Thy Light once lit, can not be snuffed out,

for thy Light is Divine.

Thy Commandments I uphold righteously

Soon the Messiah is to return…

Soon, all shall be liberated.

Thy Dark Night is soon upon me.


Glory to the Lord

Glory to the Most High!

The One who existed before Time

The King of Kings, the True Ineffable

You hear His Name but do Not Know

For He has no form, yet He Does

Most Righteous Creator, our Lord God

Good, and Merciful

Father of Prophets and Heroes of the Light

Bestower of Grace and Truth

Blessed is Thy Name, the One who exists Forever.

Holy is Thy Countenance, Dazzling, and Everywhere

Radiant and Splendid, your Throne is most High

Terrifying and Beautiful,

I am Thy Servant in Thy Light,

Forever and Ever


Why do we Exist?

Sometimes, I wonder why it is we go through life facing trials. There comes a point in a man’s life in which he is overwhelmed by the task at hand; and that task is to serve the Lord with all his Strength and Heart.

With such a maddening journey laid ahead for the mortal man, how is he to push past the fear and tread forth into tomorrow?

He must do so by cutting off all the chains of what he perceived to be reality, for it was all illusion to begin with, and must step forth into a brighter new world. This new world is one that is already here despite the delusion that binds man in fear.

By breaking free of the shackles of reality, our consciousness is liberated and united with the Source of All, which is God, pure consciousness and awareness. The One that existed before Everything, reveals Himself in all of His Glory to shatters the mortal ego into oblivion, forever slaying the falsities of the mind and of separateness.

Only does man become aware of his true purpose for existence, and that is to serve the Lord with all of his Might, for The Father and him and now One forever, and the man has become his Humble Servant Forever.

Only through serving the Lord, does His Light shine through man into this world, letting the God’s Will be felt on Earth.

When man releases himself into Truth, and unites the mind with God, he becomes Him and partakes of his everlasting Divinity. Thus does man truly find everlasting salvation.

Whether he knows it or not, man dwells forever in the Heart of God.



The Development of Chinese Magick pt. 1

Zhang Daoling.jpg

Formal Taoist magickal schools first arose during the Han period; this was an age that saw a general proliferation of many different types of occult ideas and their attendant art forms. The founding father of religious Taoism, as an organized system of magician-priests, was the deified Chang Tao-ling. He was a magician from the province of Szechwan, and around the year 150 C.E., he established a school that came to be known as the Heavenly Master Sect. This was otherwise known as the Way of the Five Bushels of Rice, because of the fact that each prospective student was required to provide the group with just such an amount of food, prior to initiation.

This sect emphasized the use of talismans, spirit evocation and exorcism, the esoteric use of sex, and other magickal and shamanistic practices. It also established the idea that personal spiritual evolution could be greatly enhanced by formal membership in the organized Taoist religion. Forgiveness for earthly acts that transgressed Heavenly law, and greater spiritual movement away from the artificial aspects of life and toward the Tao, would be offered by the gods to those who had been formally initiated into the Taoist religion. Chang’s community was based on the mutual dependency of its members, and for a time, it even governed its own lands on an autonomous basis.

-Richard Herne, Magick, Shamanism, and Taoism


Buddhist Saints

According to the Buddhist belief system there are four types of holy individuals who span the gap between Buddhahood and ordinary, unenlightened humanity. These are the Stream-Errant, the Once-Returner, the Non-Returner, and the Arahant. These four types of holy individuals are distinguished from one another by the degree of their insight into the nature of reality. Buddhists measure holiness by the intensity experienced in deep meditation which allows the individual to see the illusion of worldly concepts and ideas. The greater the experience, the more piercing the insight, the more concepts are seen as mere illusions and thus abandoned. These illusionary concepts are regarded as fetters which chain the soul to the wheel of Karma and thus prevent the individual from attaining final liberation, and therefore, in effect, “sainthood.”

-Saints, The Chosen Few


Parallel Sayings of the Masters

Understand what is here and now and you will understand all mysteries.

Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas

When ignorance is overcome through knowledge of the Self, God is revealed.

Krishna, The Bhagavad Gita

Wise is that person who sees reality behind the illusion.

The Buddha

With the sight and hearing of a child, the wise person makes no distinction between thisa nd that. He simply sees what is in front of him.

Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching


Origin of Alchemical Formulae

Apparently but few of the medieval alchemists discovered the Great Arcanum without aid, some authors declaring that none of them attained the desired end without the assistance of a Master or Teacher. In every instance the identity of these Masters has been carefully concealed, and even during the Middle Ages speculation ran rife concerning them. It was customary to call such illuminated sages adepts, a title which indicated that they possessed the true secrets of transmutation and multiplication. These adepts were polyonymous individuals who unexpectedly appeared and disappeared again, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. There are indications that a certain degree of organization existed amoung them. The most powerful of the alchemical organizations were the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati, and certain Arabian and Syrian sects.

-Manly Hall